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Intranet / Internet Applications Development

Intranet Application Development is a very useful way of sharing information amongst employees. Our experts in Intranet management software can give you the following benefits in an effective manner.

Our Intranet solutions include:


  • Vision
  • Company performance.
  • Major achievements.
  • Important dates and milestones.

2.Employee's Campus

  • Newsletter (Degrees of Separation).
  • BLOG for suggestions, ideas, comments.
  • Employee of the month Case studies (success stories).
  • Galleries/albums.
  • Birthdays of the month.
  • Events calendar - training, birthdays, company events,.
  • Directory.

3. Reports

Intranet Features provides companies with reports and selection options to meet your managerial, compliance, and strategic planning needs. Report features can include:

  • Ability to generate standard reports to monitor employee data.
  • Option to export reports in a variety of formats such an Excel or PDF.

4. Policies

  • Induction program for new employees.
  • Employee handbook.
  • Administration handbook.
  • Human resources policy.
  • Information technology policy.
  • Press policy.
  • Training policy.

5. Common Information Pool

  • Templates and formats (Word, XL, PPT) - Memo, Minutes, Presentation, Timesheets, others.
  • Inter-company forms (Leave, LTA, Requisition, others).
  • Brand guidelines.
  • Logo.
  • Holiday list.
  • Company phone directory.
  • Terminology.
  • Contact information (addresses, numbers, location maps).
  • Links to common web applications - WinZip, Acrobat Reader, etc.

6. Product

  • Product brochures.
  • Case studies.
  • Presentations.
  • White papers.

7. News

  • Press kit.
  • Market news.
  • Competition.
  • Research and advancements.
  • Domain-related calendar (seminars, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.).
  • Press policy.
  • Training policy.

8. Archives

  • Press releases.
  • Old galleries.
  • Newsletters.